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Sometimes bills become overwhelming and you're not always capable of paying them on time. As they begin to pile up, you begin to panic and are not sure what to do. When you feel lost and in need of legal advice, call Clay Hillis Law Firm and learn about your options.


We are a Debt Relief Agency.  We help people file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Turn to an aggressive, dependable, and honest attorney!


  • Stop annoying and harassing phone calls

  • End claims that you've committed a crime

  • Stop the misrepresentation of your debt

  • Avoid foreclosure




  • SAVE your home.

  • SAVE  your car.

  • SAVE your position

  • For more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, click here.


Sometimes bankruptcy may be the right choice for you and the only way you won't lose your home and other valuable property.

When bankruptcy is the only option?

When bad things happen to good people.



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